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Distinguished Crowns

Custom Crowns

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Custom crowns are machine-made wigs. This section only includes wig construction, you must go to the hair tab to order your hair as it's not included in the purchase of the wig construction. We have a two-week turnaround time that allows us to process your order,  make your unit, and ship or deliver it to you. Please do not include USPS, UPS, FedEx, DHL, etc., in our turnaround time.

If you're interested in a custom cut or color, please add a week to your turnaround time. Please provide a frontal or closure, or we will assume you're interested in a U part. Our services include plucked parts and hairline, bleached knots, shampoo, and conditioner. Optional: Elastic band, combs, tinted lace, and baby hair.

If you are using Distinguished Crowns hair, you must add your selected hair to the cart separately. 

Bring your own hair wigs: 

We can not be held liable for the quality of your hair. For example, if you buy a closure or frontal and the knots won't bleach. Please be careful in selecting hair for your custom unit.

Please follow these instructions to ship your hair:

Shipping Instructions
Ship your hair to:
1.)Anzia Timmons
Distinguished Crowns
PO Box 12176
Florence, SC 29504

2.) Request a tracking number from the shipping source.

3.) Email the tracking number to

 What is the difference between a closure and a frontal?

Consider it as a 15-minute makeup look and a full glam makeup look. Also, where you want to wear your wigs most of the time. If you want a short install and be out the door for work in the morning, a custom closure wig is a great choice. If you have extra time to get ready and don't mind installing your wigs in the morning, a premade frontal is a great choice for you. Distinguished Crowns also offer glueless frontal wigs.

Disclaimer: We will try our best to recreate the looks you request. We do not claim that your wig will look exactly like the picture you provide. The previous statement includes color, style, and cut.  

Please use this guide to provide us with your head measurements and customization requests. Check your email for the questionnaire to provide us with your measurements and other requests. 





How to do your measurements.