Meet our Owner

Hey Distinguished Queens! My name is Anzia Timmons, and I’m the owner of Distinguished Crowns ®. I discovered my love for hair during childhood at my grandma’s hair salon. Distinguished Crowns ® was founded in September 2018, but I  began making wigs in 2015.  Distinguished Crowns ® is a company that creates custom wigs for women in the early stage of hair loss, so they can feel confident until they’re ready to embrace their hair loss.


As CEO of Distinguished Crowns ®, I am also a mental health clinician and certified in cranial prosthesis or medical wigs. This allows me to accept insurance for women with medically diagnosed hair loss conditions. As a therapist, I am able to understand the effects of hair loss for women and because of that, I know that the first things people notice when they meet someone is their hair. Distinguished Crowns ® is here to help women who need our help throughout each phase of their hair loss journey.