6 Ways to Protect Your Edges

6 Ways to Protect Your Edges

 Edges are the most fragile parts of our hair, too much tension on your edges can cause them to break. Hairstyles that add tension such as box braids, faux locs, and wig installs done incorrectly can also cause additional hair loss or traction alopecia. Traction alopecia happens when your hair is pulled too tightly and breaks because of the tightness of the hairstyle or excessive pulling on your hair. While the results of traction alopecia are drastic, your hair can grow back in some cases.

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Thinning Hair Line

Here are 6 ways to protect your edges and/or help them grow back:

 1.) Oil your edges twice daily. Oiling your edges and hair helps prevent dryness and brittle hair. We recommend oiling once in the morning and once before bed. Some oils we recommend are: Wild growth oil, coconut oil, castor oil, tea tree oil, and olive oil.

2.) Tie your edges down with a silk scarf or wear a silk or satin bonnet every night. Silk and satin also help to prevent breakage. Breakage happens when your hair is pulled from your scalp; this sometimes occurs with cotton pillowcases and scarves.

3.) Sleep on a silk or satin pillowcase. A silk pillowcase is an excellent choice if you don’t like to sleep with your head covered.

4.) Don't get hairstyles that add tension to your hairline. Not all hairstyles cause breakage. Box braids, faux locs, and frequent ponytails are some examples of hairstyles that cause strain to your hairline. Tension happens when your hair is pulled in one or multiple directions that cause it to break at the root. We aren't saying that you shouldn’t get these styles, but be careful in deciding what your hair can and can't take.

5.) Keep your edges moisturized daily. Use water or water-based products to moisturize. We prefer the L.O.C method: Liquid (Water) or Leave-in conditioner, oil, and cream. This combination layers moisture and helps it last throughout the day and night.

6.) Use a good edge control. Edge control helps smooth and hold your edges in place and adds a flawless finish to your hairstyle.Here’s a list of edge controls we recommend: Distinguished Crowns edge tamer, Hicks edge control, and Ebin 24 hour edge tamer. Distinguished crowns edge tamer comes in two colors black and clear. Both edge tamers help promote growth and continued hair health. The black edge tamer helps give thinning hair the impression of a full hair line.   

You can choose one or all of these methods to help keep your edges healthier or to help them grow back. Which method are you interested in using?a Let us know below in the comments!

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