6 Tips to Repair Your Crown

6 Tips to Repair Your Crown

6 tips to Repair Your Crown

1.) Treat your wigs and bundles the same way your treat your hair. If your wouldn't do it to your hair, dont do it to your bundles and wigs.

2.) Shampoo, condition, and/or deep condition your hair unit before wearing it. Some companies ship orders directly from their vendors. When shampooing your hair extensions/unit, do not rub your hands to lather the hair. Apply shampoo and gently massage it into the hair in a downward motion to lather the hair. If you wear the same hair unit for at least two weeks, shampoo your extensions every two weeks. Shampoo your extensions once a week if you work out in your hair unit daily. Co-washing is also a great option to clean your hair extensions/units, cowashing should not be a replacement for shampooing. Cowash your hair once per week in between shampoos. You do not need to cowash if you shampoo weekly.

3.) Put conditioner on the hair and gently massage it into the hair to deep condition your hair extensions. Afterward, let the hair sit for 30 minutes. After conditioning and/or deep conditioning, rinse the conditioner out of your hair extensions/unit.

4.) Wrap your hair unit in a towel and pat it to stop the water from dripping from your hair. Air dry your hair extensions to minimize shedding and heat damage. You can use a Styrofoam head, mannequin, or hanger to air dry your extensions. If you want to blow dry your hair, make sure it's detangled and use a heat protectant before applying direct heat from your blow dryer. If you're interested, style it with a heat tool.

5.) To detangle your hair unit, brush it from the end of the hair to the roots/ weft. If you start detangling from the top or middle, it will cause shedding or tangle more. Be sure to hold your hair in the middle while detangling.


6.) If your follow these tips step by step, you'll be on your way to get the most out of your wigs. If you need more help, we have a complete guide called 10 Tips to Repair Your Crown for $1.  You'll get the rest of the tips in this guide which includes tips for styling your wigs. If you don't want to do these steps on your own, we can do them for you. Chose a Crown Repair service. We shampoo and style your wig for you, it's like a trip to salon and leaving your hair with the stylist.

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