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Distinguished Crowns

Cranial Prosthetics (Medical Wigs)

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Are you experiencing hair loss? Are you tired of getting wigs that don’t fit your head properly? 

A cranial prosthetic would be a good choice for you.  A cranial prosthetic wig is another word for a custom wig. A custom wig is a glueless wig made exactly to your head measurements. They could be  covered by your insurance and you have  medically diagnosed hair loss.  


If you need help with your measurements, you can schedule a 30-minute virtual.

We have a two-week turnaround time that includes time for us to process your order, make your unit, and ship or deliver to you.  Please do not include the time for USPS, UPS, FedEx, DHL, etc., in our turnaround time. 

If you are using Distinguished Crowns ® hair, you must add your selected hair to the cart separately

 For Bring Your Own Hair

Please follow these instructions to ship your hair:

Shipping Instructions
Ship your hair to:

1.)Anzia Timmons
Distinguished Crowns
PO Box 12176
Florence, SC 29504

2.) Request a tracking number from the shipping source.

3.) Email the tracking number to




How to do your measurements.